About me

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Most of my working time I spent in private cloud area where over the years I moved between several different positions.

Starting as an System Administrator where I took care of storage and linux systems and later on moving to ICT Engineer role where I was automating and developing scripts, then switching direction and working as an Operation Manager for cloud deployment area taking care of smoothness of operations and improving processes among of other things.. but after some time I decided that wasn’t for me and I decided to go back to my ‘technical’ roots :)

I’m currently working as an DevOps Engineer and thoroughly enjoying new challenges in CI/CD area, it is honestly challenging and entertaining, I love my current job as much as one could, it’s basically my hobby as well. I’m working with newest technologies, managing platform that’s using GPU Accelerated Machine Learning and AI Processing, Containers@Kubernetes, Cloud Functions and much more.
Working seamlessly with multiple cloud providers and their services, liking newly found love for coding in JavaScript.
Learning full stack development in my free time and using JAMstack.

For my personal hobbies - I could say I am also a huge Nerd in to computers, an avid Gamer and at last but not least an Hobbyist Photographer with 9 years of experience and when it comes to sports, I like to run and sometimes ski.

This web serves as my blog / portfolio where I’ll share some insights, guides and some other stuff I might find worth sharing.

I hope you will find something that helps you here and go on with your life peacefully :)